No company will throw multi millions on advertisements, for they have excess money. Most probably they approach an advertising agency since it has an urgent need. Often it will be a serious problem they facing. And each advertisement is with a well defined objective. The branding agencies can categorize the purposes of an advertisement as many. These are just a few of them.

07 October 2016 In Trending

To increase brand awareness

We usually buy some products without having much look at the brand. FMCG products are main among those. Insuch cases, the customers will be habitual buyers. They are not much concerned about the product features. Then the only need of advertisements will be increasing the brand awareness.

To enhance brand image

Sometimes a client will be in need of enhancing the already established image, because of the entry of a new competitor or competitors introducing new features. The advertisements then must be focusing more as brand enhancers.

To increase sale

Some client requirement will be increasing the sale. One thing we should remember is that advertisements as such, cannot increasethe sale. It is just one among the marketing mix. But it plays a major role and is a long term tool. Sales may decrease for a while due to many reasons like poor supply chain, poor after sale support or global economic downturn. Then too, advertisements will keep the brand in front of target audience even though no immediate increase in sales occurs.

To increase profit

If the client demand is to increase the profit, We should understand one thing. Increasing profit and increasing sale are different. For example, if the client is from FMCG sector, their top line products may be growing due to price wars and promotional activities, and the bottom line products fail due to narrowing of margins. Then the advertisements should focus on increasing the reliability for the brand. So, less promotional expenses will be needed or there will be a provision to charge premium and thus increase profit.

To increase market share

Some products in the market, which are in same class and price band sells their products to particular users only. Like, a person using a particular shampoo may not buy another brand. Here, each brand creates and protects its own market share. In such cases, the advertisements should be to increase the market share of the brand by persuading users of other brand to buy it. So the loss of one brand will be gain of the other.

To introduce features

Now every brand is updating their products with new features. When the purpose of the advertisement is the same, it should focus more on those features than on the brand alone. In normal cases you can bring a proportion 80-20, 80 on features and 20 on brand. But if that feature is already introduced by competitors, the preference can be given as 50-50, since the competition will be tight and is directly between the Brands.

To create a corporate image

Such advertisements should focus on Brand’s image. The idea should be like a great brand is expected to make great products which is trustworthy.

To expand geographic market

Most of the products do well in one area,but not in other. It may be due cultural differences or anything like that. In such cases, a clever and sustained local advertisement can make the product accepted in any region.

To perform damage control

Some brands may face difficulty due to some bad reputation or their products may get stuck in the market. In such cases huge campaigns or advertisements will be needed to fetch the reputation and trust. The advertisements should clearly convey the company’s part of argument or status and should be a convincing one.

To attract professionals

Attracting best professionals is an indirect way of marketing a brand. It can set an attractive corporate image. Now the agencies are creating corporate profiles for recruitment ads.

To announce outlets

When a new product line is introduced into the market, launching advertisements will be needed in huge. The best way to advertise the same is announcing the outlets too, to make the audience aware of brand availability.

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