There is a story behind our successful business venture and it goes like this (Don't intend to read? Skip this)

10 years ago a group of friends dreamt of setting up their own business when they realized that they had common ambitions and had innovative ideas to present before the world. The stories of successful entrepreneurs inspired them. Though they spent a lot of time hanging out, their tea time discussions were focused mainly on discovering new techniques in branding. As they walked past the retailer outlets and showrooms one thing they observed was the need of a creative brand management. They rebranded a lot of companies in their imaginations and shared their thoughts with one another. Finally they came to a conclusion, that the only way to put these ideas into practice is by establishing themselves as creative organization. But unfortunately the dream was to be left incomplete as they had to move in different directions after successful completion of their course in Visual Communication.

After 8 years of MNC life one among them who still had the passion of business, found his right partner to fulfill the dream of setting up a creative firm. May be it's a case of right person being at the right place for the right reasons. To his surprise, the companions of his past along with whom he had visualized this day, came for his support and provided assistance in all the related fields. Hence the dream turned into a real brand.

Capio Interactive is a group of young experienced hands who live in the world of creativity. We believe that collective ideas can bring unmatched results and the same principle was applied even in the naming of the company. Capio was founded in 2012 and within a short span of time got many leading companies in its client list.

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"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson


Capio is dedicated to provide result oriented media solutions to its clients. A gradual growth focusing the nature of work of leading agencies and aiming to achieve an incomparable success in the coming years. To mould the youngsters skills, transfer their thoughts to reality and to inspire them change a normal brand into international standard.


We had clearly defined our milestones before stepping into this ever growing industry. Our prime strategy is to accomplish a task before the fixed deadline without compromising the quality. Targeting the right audience, who value quality and providing them solutions beyond their expectations. Capio has lots of enquiries from the international market and we are planning to open offices in Middle East and spread our operations to different countries in the next 5 years.


Capio Interactive is an advertising agency driven by a team of young, energetic and passionate people, ready to take challenges in the field of creativity. The ability to analyze the requirement by each team player brings extraordinary results and in return a smile of satisfaction from our clients. Before starting the actual work, our brand consultant briefs the team about the clients' market and target audience. Next stage involves collection of materials and other necessary inputs, which is taken care of by the client coordinator who in turn passes this information to the creative brand specialist. Our motto is always to become the best designing company in India, and our projects are always implemented in a systematic manner. The prime focus of our marketing team is to research on the trend changes both online/offline and update the creative team regarding the same, so that these changes are reflected in the final result.